The Missed Punch Widget displays active missed punches in the current and previous pay period and allows administrators to edit employee's missed punch. 

Supervisors are only able to view and edit, if they have permissions, missed punches for the employees in their responsible departments. 

To edit a missed punch for an employee, follow these steps:

    1. Click the name of the employee which you would like to edit a punch.

    2. The Employees time card will display with all the punches for the day. To change a punch time, click the Edit link to the right of the appropriate punch. 

    3. To Add a punch, click the plus sign to the right of any punch.

    4. Select the department, type of punch, and then enter the time for the punch.

    5. To delete a punch, click the X icon to the right of the appropriate punch then confirm deletion.

    6. To go to the employee's Time Card details page click on View Time Card on the bottom left. 

    7. Click on Save to save the edits or Cancel to discard any change.

Department Filter

The department filter allows you select which departments to view:

    1. Click on All Departments and select the departments that you would like to view. 

    2. Click Apply to save changes. 

    3. The Department Filter will display how many departments are being filtered. 

View by Date / Employee Option

The View by Date or Employee option allows you to sort the missed punches by Dates of the pay period or by the Employees name:

    1. Click on View by Date (Default view) and select Employee. 

    2. Click Apply to save changes. 

Search Option

You can also Search Icon to search by the first or last name of the employee:

    1. Click on the Search Icon.

    2. Type the name of the employee. 

    3. The list will filter with matching name.

    4. Click on the employee's name to edit punches.

All Done!

When you are done editing the missed punches the Missing Punches widgets will display a "No missed punches!" message. 

Come back at any time to the dashboard and view if there are any missed punches for the current or previous pay period.