Your Users Dashboard gives you the ability to view each one of your users in a Card or List View. Both views you the vital information you need at a glance, such as employee punch authentication methods and last login status. While your Users Dashboard has an improved design to give it a more modern look and feel, the functionality and placement of all features has not changed. 

To get a full tour of the new Users Dashboard, see below.

1. Add User — Click to add administrators, supervisors, or employees to your account.

2. Search — Easily search users by first or last name; your return list updates in real time.

3. Filter/Sort — Filter users by status or sort alphabetically by first name.

4. Card/List View — Select to view your users by list or card view. By default, users will display by card view.

5. Card Details — Each user card will display the user's

  • icon with their first and last name initial
  • role
  • responsible (administrators and supervisors) or home department (employees)
  • last login details (if applicable)
  • authentication method (employees only)

6. Department — the user's responsible or home department. Supervisors who have more than one responsible department will display the number of departments they're responsible for out of all departments. On hover, a list of their responsible departments will display.

7. Last Login and Authentication — If applicable, the user's last login will display along with the details of their login source (IP address if web login). Employees who punch using the time clock will display an icon for their time clock authentication method (PIN, Fingerprint, or RFID).